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Sunset Magazine Finds Beazley House After 32 years

When we opened the Beazley House back in 1981 I wrote to Sunset Magazine about what was then locally known as the "Hatt Building and Napa Mill" on the River in old town Napa.My letter was so well received Sunset actually sent a writer and photographer to see what would much later become the Napa River Inn complex housing a hotel and several restaurants in the 19th century mill.

My enthusiam for our new home town blinded me to the fact that much of what I saw as potential for our "world class destination" was YEARS in the future.

Sunset left like a disappointed lover without even MENTIONING the Beazley House, then Napa's first B&B.  

Hometown Chefs Help put the REAL Napa on the Map

  • DiFedeandRodde

Curtis DiFede and Tyler Rodde are the chef-owners of one of Napa's new super HOT restaurants:  Oenotr

It's chefs like DiFede and Rodde who are the heat of this fabulous food destination.Their food is innovative and fresh and while their restaurant's name may be hard to pronounce and remember, their food is unforgetable. 

The Beazley House may be "old news" to the likes of Sunset Magazine but the fact that Napa has evolved into the CAPITAL of the Napa Valley's Food and Wine Scene can no longer be ignored.

They told Sunset they like the Beazley House!

  • harvest2

"They told Sunset: "Napa Hotels are expensive, no matter the time of year. But with a B&B, at least you get some personal touch. I like (the Beazley House) because it's warm and charming and you can walk into downtown Napa."

Since neither chef has set foot in our inn, we assume they are getting their feed back just like we do: FROM OUR GUESTS.

And this is just how we recommend their restaurant, based on our guests' happy experiences at Oenotri.  

And so, in the June issue of Sunset Magazine, exactly 32 years after the Beazley House opened, we have finally made it. 

You could say we're a 32 year overnight success!