Why Mrs. Beazley’s Breakfast

Aren’t Just Good, but GREAT!

On recent road trip to Oregon we discovered that there’s a HUGE difference between a motel breakfast and Mrs. Beazley’s breakfasts. In essence it all “cooked down to” quality ingredients.

If the bacon is so thin you can practically see through it, the taste will be like greasy bacon paper. If you use substitute egg product instead of farm-fresh eggs the scrambled “product” will seem like an animal protein you are sorry you put into your mouth. If the cubed potatoes taste like miniature salt licks, you can bet it’s not because they are fresh!

Rubbery waffles you bake yourself with a frightening, blackened appliance that looks like an instrument of torture don’t get better smothered with high fructose corn syrup. And un-ripened fruit are why today’s youth eat candy instead of lush apples and melons. Finally stale “Honey-nut Cheerios” dispensed from a device one small bowl at a time wouldn’t fool any kid into actually eating them.

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If “free breakfast” appears with the word “motel” you can bet it has much in common with the above descriptions. In fact these morning horrors were not the product of my nightmares, but our actual experience on our Oregon road trip this month.

If the “Bates Motel” were to have served this meal you wouldn’t have been surprised. But these offerings were proudly presented at otherwise decent, modern lodgings.

Mrs. Beazley was horrified. She refused to even enter the “breakfast room” after a report from a grandson who actually choked down a waffle (he floated it in syrup). She opted for bad coffee at a sunny table with our daughter Sonja.

Breakfast at the Beazley House is an entirely different species of food, apparently. In the first place the ingredients are fresh, hand chosen by Carol Beazley herself…nearly every day. The eggs are literally “farm fresh” from Taramasso Ranch in Napa, delivered 15 dozen at a crack, each week. The bacon we use is Farmer’s Hickory Brand. It’s Applewood smoked, center cut, THICK sliced and sugar cured. We open the kitchen door when we BAKE it to lure the guests out of bed.

“We considered staying another night just to see what’s for breakfast.”

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Muffins, breads, cobblers and our famous “Over Night French Toast” are counter balanced by a cheese board and fresh fruit. Mrs. Beazley would never offer you just have “sweets” for breakfast. But you can have seconds.

Breakfast is offered in our mansion’s formal dining room each morning or in our gardens or in the privacy of your room. Most days the sun floods in through stained glass and our garden’s fresh flowers decorate the tables.

“Breakfast was delicious and it was a treat to be able to enjoy it outside in the garden area.”

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Of course we have our own blend of Beazley House coffee which we get each week from the Napa Valley Coffee Roasting Company.

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Life and breakfast doesn’t get any better – reserve your room now to enjoy the upcoming harvest season in Napa Valley!