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Traffic DIDN'T jam. People DIDN'T cram. Sunrise Came Monday!


As with all things NEW there was uncertainty and with predicted crowds of up to 35000 there was even Fear. 

Funny thing about FEAR, most of the time it's just a waste of time: Like WORRY!

The BottleRock organizers and local authorities did a superb job and everyone had a great time. 

Our guests were thrilled and ALL said they would be back!

They WALKED to the concerts, eliminating traffic and parking worries. They either ate at one of the MANY restaurants set up at BottleRock or our downtown restaurants. 

And then they strolled back to the Beazley House!


Here they had the peace and quite of the Beazley House gardens, the rest they needed to refresh body and soul. 

And if they wanted to party at one of our 25 Wine Tasting Rooms or fabulous Napa restaurants they just walked a few short blocks back downtown. 

Some things just don't change, like the Beazley House location and hospitality. 

That's why our guests, like BottleRock will be BACK! 

May 30th, 31st and June 1st 2014!

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