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Mother's Day Wkend for Mother of all Napa Concerts


With expected 35,000 fans possible you'd better be prepared

These two people to the right may just be the only thing standing between you and hunger and disappointment  when Bottle Rock rolls into town. 

But for us to help YOU, you're going to have to call pronto so we can help you avoid the hordes descending on Napa begining Thursday, May 9th!

There will be food available at the Napa Fairground where MOST of the concert will be "Played out"...there MAY be die hard fans that won't want to leave that venue. 

But for any of you planning on staying in Napa who AREN'T going to Bottle Rock, your preparation now will FEED you later. 

CALL US NOW at 707-257-1649!

We may not know ANY of the entertainers, but YOU will!

Let me put it this way: as soon as my 40 something year old daughter heard about Bottle Rock Napa she ran out and bought two 3 day passes! 

An abundance of choices in wine, food, beer, and spirits await BottleRockers both inside the festival venues and throughout Downtown Napa. Some of the premier wineries in America are active partners and will be featured at beverage retail locations throughout the festival. At the Napa Valley Expo, the epicenter of BottleRock, gourmet food trucks from throughout the Napa Valley will complement the numerous Napa Valley restaurants. In addition, more than a dozen California craft beers will be on hand. Check out the amazing line up of wineries and food offerings.

Three main stages at Napa Valley Expo and more than 30 VIP "after-party" locations will be home to the heart of the Bottle Rock experience. You'll find your top acts performing on the WillPower Stage, the Citi Stage, and the Miner Family Stage. The laughs will be found in the California Closets' Comedy Closet. And you can hear the best local bands at the Wildcat Local Music Showcase at the 'Cuda Lounge.


Our ROOMS are booked, but Bottle Rock Napa Valley Tickets are STILL available! 

In fact the entire Napa Valley is probably booked up, but we hear there WILL be camping available at several places in Napa, including Skyline Park, the Napa Fairgrounds and other select locations. Check with the concert promoters. 

As for our famous Napa restaurants, don't say you weren't warned!