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Never before have consumers been so empowered to play their role as critics to determine which inns deserve their business. And never have so many B&Bs, Inns and hotels been so eager to have them do so.

In ANCIENT times circa 1981, BEFORE computers, before the Internet, perhaps before you were BORN, travelers had to rely on PRINTED guide books to even find places to stay, much less see how they rated. 

But thanks to Steve Jobs, Al Gore, the Pentagon and the Scientific community we have the INTERNET and  the Travel Universe has changed. NOW not only can you find a place, you can see how it looks, you can Book it and after you've stayed, you can Review it! 

And as you'd expect, an EXPERIENCE carries more weight than any Advertisement. 

If you enjoyed your stay tell the WORLD!

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Not only will your fellow travelers benefit from your experience, but your inn will too!

Tripadvisor RANKS inns MOSTLY BY THE FREQUENCY of their reviews not just by their "Excellent & Very Good" reviews

The Beazley House has a 97% Excellent/Very Good RATING. But we are ranked #10 of 25 inns because our guests don't review us FREQUENTLY ENOUGH.

This is why we ask you to rate us on Tripadvisor or Yelp or Google when you leave and in our Thank you Letters!

Guest reviews like Movie Previews can give you FAIR WARNING!

If an inn or B&B has mostly "Poor" or Average" rated comments, Read them! 

MORE IMPORTANTLY, read the inn's response! Is the owner defensive? Has he addressed the guests' concerns?

Is there a pattern of abuse or continuing problems in these poor reviews? 

If the same room or complaint seems to be repeated over and over, maybe the guests are on to something! FAIR WARNING!

On the Other hand, if an Inn has mostly "Good or Excellent" reviews you'll see the "Poor and "Average" usually are quite unfair. 

Your OWN common sense will tell you wether the guest was being unreasonable of if there was (IS) a real problem.

Finally you're able to judge if the inn you are reading about sounds like a place you will enjoy.  

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Beazley House Bed and Breakfast Inn
1910 1st Street
Napa, California, 94559, United States
Call: 707-257-1649


Note: We're still open!

Our Napa Valley Boutique & Breakfast Inn, located in a revitalized historic district, is just a two block stroll from Napa’s burgeoning “West End.” This makes Beazley House the perfect jump off to explore Napa's rich and exciting food scene including Morimoto Napa, Cole's Chop House, over 26 Wine Tasting Rooms plus Napa's riverfront and the Uptown Theater. Less than 1/2-mile away are the Napa Valley Wine Train and Napa’s Oxbow Market. Napa is a perfect “home base” for exploring wineries, vineyards of both Napa and Sonoma and is the undisputed food and wine capital of the world famous Napa Valley. Due to the fact that we offer and serve Wine and Beer at the Beazley House, our Type 42 license from the Alcoholic Beverage Control PROHIBITS US FROM HOSTING CHILDREN UNDER 21 YEARS OF AGE.