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Does this look (and FEEL) familiar? Tired of YOUR Winter? 

Try OURS here in Napa Valley! 

We are high and dry: Highs in the 70s and Dry, except for our WONDERFUL WINES! 

The only thing that's low is our Winter RATES: from $85 to $65 lower PER night! 

Just go to our availability calender, we've already put in your discount!

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Bright, Sunny mornings turn into afternoons of 70 degree warmth and actual FUN! 

In case you've forgotten what WARMTH and FUN feel like, we can re-introduce you. 

You'll meet new friends on a Napa Valley Bike Tours Guided ride including lunch and wine tasting starting at $159 pp. 

And after your ride you can soak your cares away in our Whirlpool tubs after an in room massage. 

I'll bet this is sounding better by DEGREES!