Beazley’s View

A collection of thoughts, experiences and happenings around the Napa Valley from Napa’s first family of innkeepers.

This month we explore 4 Napa Downtown eateries that explore Spanish, Japanese, and California-style small plates: Tapas or Izakaya. All within a short walk from our front door.

Here we showcase a few of our favorites Sparkling producers that will make any of your celebrations a “next level” event.

Just off Napa Valley’s “Main Street”, Highway 29, here we point you to a handful of our favorite gems that are just off-the-beaten-path, but OH!-So-Worth the visit!

Tapas or Izakaya = Tasty Bites Downtown

Oct 10, 2019/by Daryl Burch

On the Case for Bubbles

Sep 10, 2019/by Daryl Burch

Wineries Off-the-Beaten Path

Aug 12, 2019/by Daryl Burch

The 5 Best Burgers in Downtown Napa

Jun 28, 2019/by Daryl Burch

Napa Valley Picnic Chic

May 20, 2019/by Daryl Burch

Unique Experiences: Le Petit Chef at CIA Copia

Apr 21, 2019/by Daryl Burch

Pub Grub Elevated

Feb 12, 2019/by Daryl Burch

Unique Tasting Experiences to Wow Your Senses!

Jan 23, 2019/by Daryl Burch

Sometimes You Just -NEED- a Steak!

Dec 8, 2018/by Daryl Burch

Tasting After Dark is a Thing!

Oct 14, 2018/by Daryl Burch

Take the Beazley House Appetizer Crawl

Sep 2, 2018/by Daryl Burch

After 37 years Carol and Jim Beazley Leave Innkeeping. The Beazley House Stays.

Jun 13, 2018/by Jim Beazley

Napa After Dark – New Night Life Downtown

Jun 3, 2018/by Jim Beazley

May – October = High Season Napa

May 1, 2018/by Jim Beazley

Napa Valley Wine Tasting: The High Cost of “Free”

Apr 1, 2018/by Jim Beazley

Napa Valley Wine Tours

Mar 5, 2018/by Jim Beazley

Winter In Napa Valley

Dec 20, 2017/by Jim Beazley

Napa Valley Is Open For Business

Dec 7, 2017/by Jim Beazley

How the Beazley House “Went to the Dogs”

Oct 10, 2017/by Jim Beazley

“Rules of the Road” When Using Online Reservation Services

Jul 1, 2017/by Jim Beazley

Beazley House celebrates being a “36-year Overnight Success”

Jun 1, 2017/by Jim Beazley

Google May Be God – But Not Everywhere!

May 15, 2017/by Daryl Burch

May “Springs” Us Into Action

Apr 15, 2017/by Jim Beazley

Beazley House Weddings

Mar 18, 2017/by Jim Beazley

A Phoenix Princess Arises: The Restaurant at CIA

Mar 1, 2017/by Jim Beazley

California, the Sunshine State?

Feb 17, 2017/by Jim Beazley

Beazley House Helps Guests Find Napa’s Best…

Feb 1, 2017/by Jim Beazley

We Get a Breather in January…Or Not

Jan 2, 2017/by Jim Beazley

This is December in Napa

Dec 1, 2016/by Jim Beazley

No More Sleepy Novembers in Napa

Nov 1, 2016/by Jim Beazley

Why October is Napa Valley’s Highlight Season

Oct 1, 2016/by Jim Beazley

September in Napa Valley

Sep 1, 2016/by Jim Beazley

Why August Starts High Season In The Napa Valley

Aug 1, 2016/by Jim Beazley

Silverado Trail: The RIGHT Road

Jul 1, 2016/by Jim Beazley

Reflecting on 35 Years of Innkeeping

Jun 1, 2016/by Jim Beazley

35th Year of Excellence

Feb 1, 2016/by Jim Beazley

Picnicking Napa Valley

Sep 5, 2015/by Jim Beazley

Tummy Leaves a Legacy

Dec 25, 2010/by Carol Beazley

In Napa December Means Holidays Tours & Tastes

Dec 1, 2010/by Jim Beazley

Napa Novembers – So Much to be Thankful for

Nov 9, 2010/by Jim Beazley

Beazley’s 1st Napa Valley Harvest

Oct 4, 2010/by Jim Beazley

In Napa Valley THIS September Harvest is LATE

Sep 21, 2010/by Jim Beazley

Napa’s New Reality is Busy and Tastes GREAT!

Aug 25, 2010/by Jim Beazley