After 37 years Carol and Jim Beazley
Leave Innkeeping. The Beazley House Stays.

While change is the only constant in life, sometimes it’s what doesn’t change that matters.

Carol & Jim Beazley, Owner/Innkeepers of The Beazley House, Napa Valley, CA

Carol & Jim Beazley, Owner/Innkeepers of The Beazley House, Napa Valley, CA

The Beazley House is Napa’s first, and we dare say Napa’s finest B&B. It is a place where, decade after decade memories are made and promises are kept.

Carol and Jim retired, on June 1, exactly 37 years after opening their B&B in 1981. But their legacy lives on. It will be found in a spirit of generous hospitality personified by the innkeepers who have been hosting guests for as many as 26 years!

Continuing on is a tradition of near compulsive perfection by the Beazley’s son, Scott, who has kept this 116 grand dame beautiful!

Jim and Carol’s legacy will be carried on by our team of masterful innkeepers: Veronica Becerra’s warm welcome, delicious cuisine and caring ways. Michaele Drew’s sparkling smile and ready suggestions will continue to guide guests to restaurants and wineries where memories are made. And Kathy Stefano is back greeting returning guests and winning over new friends with her gracious hospitality and delicious recipes.

Ensuring our spotless reputation are an entire family of the hardest working housekeepers who have been with us nearly two decades. Head housekeeper Erika with her sisters, Helena and Maribel, and their friend, Letti, are seldom seen, but their work shines!

A place of timeless elegance.

A Napa landmark since it was built in 1902, the Beazley House remains surrounded by lush lawns and beautiful flowers. Nilda Douma, our certified Master Gardner, assures our traffic-stopping flowery welcome is ever-changing with the seasons. It is why the inn is the most photographed B&B in Napa.

From the warm welcome at the beautiful, stained glass front door guests are ushered into a world of rich hues and vibrant colors that time has burnished, not dulled.

A New Era Begins.

Just as a marriage brings new vigor to a family, new owners John and Michele Truchard begin a new chapter of the inn’s story.

Back in the 1970’s John’s father, Reno physician Tony Truchard – a “wine pioneer of the modera era” – planted grapes in the Carneros district, south of Napa. John started his own vineyard management company and literally grew a brand and a style that matches Napa today.

In 2010, after opening John Anthony Vineyards as one of Napa’s first downtown tasting rooms, the second-generation Napa Valley vintners John and Michele created JaM Cellars.

John & Michelle Truchard and family

“After almost a decade crafting ultra-premium wines in the Napa Valley, we decided to make some super-approachable wines that we could enjoy anytime we wanted,” says Truchard.

Thus was created one of the hottest wine brands in the United States. Their four rich, bold and luscious offerings: “Butter” Chardonnay, “California Candy Rose”, “JaM” Cabernet Sauvignon, and “Toast” a sparkling wine.

The Truchards knew that Napa has now become the capital of this nation’s most famous wine and food region. And with two tasting rooms in its super busy downtown they expanded last year into the former York house two doors east of the Beazley House.

The Beazley House will continue to host returning guests who’ve visited for 37 years and the Truchards will blend in their corporate clients, wine club members and a whole new generation of lovers.

Reflecting on 37 years: We were so much more than Inn Keepers.

We were the stewards responsible for a 116-year-old landmark mansion in Napa. During our ownership the property literally bloomed! We tore down a wreck of an old carriage house and erected a building which will last another 100 years. We replaced aging wiring and plumbing in the mansion. We re-roofed, re-plastered after 3 earthquakes, took down aged, cracked chimneys and added six modern bathrooms. We can proudly say we are leaving the old girl in the best shape of her long life.

We were the keepers of treasured memories. Generations of guests returned to re-discover romance and find the energy to face life’s challenges. The Beazley House was their place. What a privilege it was to provide such sanctuary.

We were nurturers of the soul.

We were witness to the miracle powers of kindness to conquer the stress of modern life. Guests arriving grumpy after the journey from their everyday lives were seemingly different people in the morning. And after a couple of days, were nearly reborn.

We were the learned guides to the magic of the Napa Valley. We made it our duty to know where to find the best in dining, drinking and sightseeing.

We were The Beazley’s – as genuine as the Truchard family who will give the Beazley House bed and breakfast the heart and soul that remains after we have left.