Beazley House Helps Guests Find Napa’s Best…

Feb. 1, 2017 | by Jim Beazley

I’ve always explained to our Beazley House guests that restaurants are like a three-legged stool:

If any one of these “legs” is missing the whole experience falls flat!

Beazley House guests who follow our recommendations never have to take that fall.

This is because we keep very “close tabs” on our local restaurants. We do this by checking with our guests each morning as to where they dined? How they like their meals? And if they would go back or send their friends?

We do this because our guests go to dinner every night and we as innkeepers may be treated very differently because our restaurants know we may send guests.

Our guests are our constant, first filter of fail proof restaurant recommendations. These reports warn us of problems long before our own all-too-occasional nights out.

The Taste Test

Yet another reason we quiz our guests about where they’ve dined is their taste is what counts, not ours. Rest assured, we have always gone to the restaurants we recommend. And, of course, we have our favorites. But more on that later.

Napa today has earned the reputation of the food and wine capital of America. There are more fabulous restaurants per square block than even San Francisco.

Napa has a dizzyingly diverse dining scene. There’s sushi, Thai, barbeque, Italian, farm to table, “world cuisine,” California-fresh and Mexican food. And it’s crowded with talented chefs competing in one of the most sophisticated, restaurant rich environments in the country.

Average restaurants don’t survive in Napa Valley. Many a famous chef has come and gone after trying to rest on his reputation of past success. And it’s not because of a bad location but because they fell over like a busted stool.

Naming Favorites is Like Picking Favorite Children

Lest you think I’m hedging and trying to avoid hurt feelings I’ll start by framing the list with the caveat that it’s complicated. It all depends…

For that uber special occasion at a place where you’ll know you’re in Napa Valley we recommend the one restaurant that’s a short drive from the Beazley House: Brix. With its sunset view of vineyards, chef’s gardens and the Mayacama mountains, Brix is the quintessential Napa. The food matches the view, the service is impeccable and the ambiance unforgettable.

Celadon Napa - a Beazley Favorite

Celadon Napa – a Beazley Favorite!

Within walking distance of our inn is Celadon, where Jim and Carol celebrate anniversaries and birthdays. Flat out the best steamed mussels on the planet (even better than New Zealand!) and consistently excellent entrees and friendly service.

A trio of guests’ favorites are all within a short stroll from closest to furthest: Tarla Mediterranean Grill, Ristorante Allegria and Napkins. Not your father’s “Italian restaurants” by any means. These places are all owned by Turkish gentlemen with hearts as big as their talents. They treasure our guests and treat them like family. Their food is unique by ethnic design and also for value, all too rare here.

Grace’s Table, chef owned and operated features a seasonally changing menu of food from “garden to table.” It’s a stone’s throw from the Uptown Theater, and has an “indoor-outdoor” feeling due to a moving glass wall.

Iron Chef Morimoto opened on the Napa river and is a star attraction. Less famous but a local’s favorite is Eiko’s Sushi same quality, super value.

Start Your Napa Dining Experience from The Beazley House

When you stay at the Beazley House we will be happy to recommend a dining experience that you are salivating for. Lest you think the restaurants above are all of the favorites we recommend please know Napa has 35 restaurants to which we send our guests confidently.

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