Napa’s New Reality is Busy and Tastes GREAT!

Aug. 25, 2010 | by Jim Beazley

Ever notice how “WE the people” know stuff long before the news media?

Take Napa’s renaissance for example. Our Beazley House guests have certainly noticed the many changes to our little town over the last couple of years. New wine tasting rooms have blossomed, new restaurants have popped open and new entertainment venues have thrilled audiences after years of darkened stages.

We’ve been saying it for years, now: the town of Napa has finally joined the rest of the Napa Valley as a world class destination. Now the New York Times and the San Francisco Chronicle are saying it too!

Napa Renaissance: Napa has become a destination to itself.

“Downtown Napa has become a destination in itself,” the Times reporter gushed. “Today, thanks to the new…thriving restaurants and tasting rooms and the much-heralded reopening of a classic Art Deco theater, a roughly six-square-block area has re-established itself as the West End,” which marks a bold new chapter for downtown Napa.

You, dear guests, have already been enjoying this new scene…for weeks now. You’ve strolled down the street from the Beazley House, our reservation cards in hand, to enjoy the Norman Rose Tavern, Grace’s Table, and Oenotri.

You’ve taken in live, big name entertainment at the restored Uptown Theater and our lovely Napa Valley Opera House.You’ve even learned to Salsa on a Saturday night at Ceja vineyards tasting room.

Jim & Carol at the Uptown Theatre, NapaThe San Francisco Chronicle’s Food and Wine section raved that “Napa has come into its own.”But you know that too! After all, YOU’VE been here enjoying the 20 wine tasting rooms and award winning restaurants for years now.  And there’s MORE !

Carol and I enjoyed her birthday dinner at the new Morimoto Napa with our friends Keiko and Arthur Russo. Iron chef Morimoto’s new digs are on the Napa River and very popular. The cuisine was “East meets West” with an emphasis on Asian spices perfected by Morimoto. The tastes were superb, the prices reflected the value…something rare these days.

A new wine tasting room has opened just three blocks from the inn named after its owner JOHN ANTHONY Truchard. Not only do they have fantastic Syrah and Cabernet but they stay open until 2 a.m. with small plates to match their vino. You may be greeted by the lovely Helen Buehler who actually came to pour at the Beazley House last Thursday. She’ll be back.

Wine, women and song.

Napa now has it all!