The Secret to Picnicking in the Napa Valley

Sep. 5, 2015 | by Jim Beazley

The Beazley House knows the way!

Picnicking in Napa Valley seems like a “no-brainer”. The wineries have these amazing properties with the best views of the most beautiful hills and valleys anywhere. Why wouldn’t you want to bring along a picnic and just setup shop while out and about?

Well, while the wineries are open to the public, they are not public parks. So, there are some nuances to having a picnic in wine country. Here are six simple rules to consider while out wine tasting:

Rule #1. Don’t wait in line at an expensive up valley deli. Order your picnic in advance from the Beazley House. Give us 24-hours notice and we’ll have your own Beazley House insulated tote bag loaded and ready to go right after breakfast!

Rule #2. Let your innkeeper RESERVE your picnic spot in advance at a winery you choose from our partners in the valley. Remember! Not many Napa wineries even allow picnicking! Our innkeepers know many of the best, exclusive picnic spots and can match the winery to your taste. The reservation guarantees you a spot at the property. And since we set it up for you, you can be assured they’ll take extra good care of you.

Rule #3: Practice polite picnicking etiquette! Check into your reserved winery. Have a taste of what they are pouring that day, and BUY A BOTTLE of THEIR wine to enjoy with your picnic!

Note: It is considered poor form to picnic on someone’s property and bring outside wine or alcohol.

Rule #4: Nothing makes strangers into new friends like a good bottle of WINE! While we have arranged for your picnic, we cannot guarantee your picnic spot will be private. “New friends” may join you. Remember, you are sharing an experience open to very few people.

Rule #5: Pace yourself and drink lots of water (as well as wine). Keep in mind, you may be going to several wineries that afternoon.

Rule #6: After your picnic, go back into your host winery and “revisit” a taste of their wines. Depending on how busy they are, you may even get on an impromptu tour! Or they may have an extra special vintage only available there. …Or a deal you just can’t refuse if you become a wine club member!

And FINALLY, allow yourself the time to indulge in that wonderful view, or the unforgettable taste of an afternoon arranged just for you!

It all starts with your decision to let a Beazley House innkeeper introduce you to the Napa Valley’s secret picnic spots. And we CAN guarantee it’ll be a picnic you won’t soon forget!

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