Sometimes you just -NEED- a steak!

Dec. 8, 2018 | by Daryl Burch

Whether celebrating a milestone event like an anniversary or a big birthday, or you just landed that big contract you’ve been working on for too long – or it’s just Thursday – sometimes you just need a good steak. Or you’ve scored some new great big reds from your tasting adventures throughout Napa Valley and need something robust to go with it.  Here we present a few of our favorite places to reward yourself for a change.

1. Cole’s Chop House

Opened in March 2000 by favorite local chef, Greg Cole, Cole’s Chop House fulfilled his long-time vision of creating a traditional Chicago-style steakhouse married with the Napa Valley fresh farm-to-table concept. As result, you get a top-notch steakhouse with locally-sourced produce – some from gardens within blocks of the restaurant.

Cole’s is famous for their 21-day Dry Aged steaks brought in from Allen Bros. Meats in Chicago. The aging process, whether you choose the New York, Porterhouse for Two, or the Black Angus Ribeye, gives the steak exceptional flavor that will make even your biggest Cabernets stand at attention.

To really pamper yourself, have your favorite steak “Oscared!” This is the ultimate in decadence. For a little more, they’ll serve your expertly-prepared steak-o’-choice on a bed of grilled asparagus and covered in lightly sautéed lump crab meat, drizzled in hollandaise. I’ve been told it’s what heaven tastes light!

Special Notes about Cole’s:

  • Voted in the “Top 100 Best Steakhouses in America” by OpenTable
  • Opened March 2000 by chef Greg Cole (creator of Celadon)
  • Long-time Front-of-House Manager, Erik Keffer & his wife Heather take the reigns in 2016, and continue Greg’s vision
  • Located in a revitalized 132yr. old stone building near the Napa River
  • Just a 10-minute walk from the Beazley House

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2. Charlie Palmer Steak – Napa

A new addition to the downtown Napa culinary landscape, Charlie Palmer Steak – in the Archer Hotel – has a rustic ski-chalet feel with stone and pine touches and high ceilings. But the steaks are the show here. Chef Charlie Palmer searches to bring in the best ingredients and keeps his approach straightforward to showcase the food over all else. The presentation is as much the art as the flavors he accomplishes with locally-sourced produce.

Chef Palmer likes to present WAGYU beef from Japan or Flat Irons and NY Strips from Idaho’s Snake River Farms and pair them with what seem like standard steakhouse sides – but have been given his own signature treatment. The result is dining experience you won’t soon forget.

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3. Five Dot Ranch Cookhouse @ Oxbow

Though not a traditional steakhouse, Five Dot Ranch at Oxbow Public Market knows their way around steaks! Originally opened as a meat counter, they added the cookhouse in 2014. You can choose from any of their beef-centric dishes developed by local chefs featuring their own grass-fed free-range beef, pastured on any of their five ranches across Northern California. It doesn’t get any fresher or more local than that!

Five Dot also features a “You Pick It We Grill It” program, whereby you pick whichever cut of meat from their case, and they’ll prepare on their grills right there for you paired with 2 of their house-made sides.

The Oxbow Public Market is after all a foodie marketplace, so we recommend you “do a lap” around to see all your choices. Then land at Five Dot for a unique and fresh beef-indulgence.

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Honorable Mentions

4. Cordeiro’s Steakhouse

4. Cordeiro’s Steakhouse

A little bit from downtown, in the eastern foothills of Napa by Silverado Country Club, is a house-turned-restaurant that has been quietly doing its thing very well. Cordeiro’s has the feel of dining in a quaint cottage in the woods. 

All steaks and chops are prepared over mesquite grill and served with house-made sauces that compliment the meats. The Imperial Service – white gloved, all delivered in choreographed unison by the impeccable waitstaff – makes your dinner here an event!

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5. Galpão Gaucho – Napa

Galpao Gaucho - Napa :: An Authentic Southern Brazilian Steakhouse at the foot of the Napa Valley

Grilled meat on swords! What’s not to like? Galpão Gaucho brings the authentic Southern Brazillian steakhouse flair to Napa Valley. Serving a wide range of grilled meats spit-roasted over open flame, they are then brought to you and cut table-side until you’ve had your fill. Note: The red side of the card at your table tells them you’re not ready for round 12 just yet! 

For those with more petite appetites, you can opt for the salad bar only option. But with almost 40 items, it too is over the top.

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More Choices than We Can Print

These are just of few steak-adventures to be had in and around downtown Napa. Truth be told, most any of the great restaurants in the whole of Napa Valley will provide you a New York, a ribeye, a filet, or a short rib (or 2) beautifully prepared to make your favorite Napa Valley cabernet or syrah shine. 

Just remember our innkeepers can make reservations for you for any of these great wine country dining experiences. And we’ll have the lights on, the fireplace roaring, and some sherry and fresh chocolate chip cookies at the ready to cap off your perfect steak night!