Can’t Decide on THEE Right Place for Dinner? Try ‘em all!

Sep. 2, 2018 | by Daryl Burch

Take the Beazley House “Appetizer Crawl” and experience as many Napa Downtown restaurants as you can handle.

So….you’ve been given a gob-ton of ideas about where to eat in downtown Napa, but your palette can’t decide which sounds best. Or, you’ve only got one night in town and want to experience as much of the Napa downtown restaurant scene as you can in such a limited time. Instead of committing to one singular dining experience, why not take the Beazley House Appetizer Crawl? Tackle 4 or 5 (or all 6!) restaurants in one sweep and experience the depth of variety available downtown now.

1Tarla Mediterranean Grille = Meze Plate for 2

Start your crawl at Tarla Mediterranean Grille – only 3 blocks east of us – with their Meze Plate for 2 that includes their signature Dolmas (stuffed grape leaves with rice, lemon and mint), fresh made Hummus, Bab Ghanoush, Tzatziki, Zucchini Cakes, fresh Feta Cheese and Olives.

Tarla Mediterranean Bar + Grill • 1480 1st St., Napa

The Meze Plate for 2 @ Tarla Mediterranean Bar + Grill

Or…incorporate a wine tastng into your Appy Crawl by popping into JaM Cellars next door. All of Tarla’s menu is available directly from their tasting room. So you can enjoy Tarla’s Meze Plate or other appetizers while sipping on JaM Cellars Cabernet, Butter (Chardonnay), Toast (sparkling), or Candy (Dry Rosé) and listening to some great rock & roll! Thursday & Friday nights they are open late and have live music. Saturday nights they keep things bumping with a live DJ.

Norman Rose Tavern: Frank's Frito Sliders with Avocado Relish & Monterrey Jack

2Norman Rose Tavern = “Frank’s Frito Sliders”

Continue the crawl across the street at local favorite, Norman Rose Tavern with “Frank’s Frito Sliders” with Pepperjack Cheese and Avocado Relish. Three mini-burgers made with local Angus ground beef and crushed Frito’s corn chips mixed in. Washed down with a right Black & Tan (they have Guiness & Harp on tap!), it can’t miss! Or share their PEI Mussels in Garlic Herb Broth served with their outstanding French Fries to sop up the luscious broth!

Norman Rose Tavern • 1401 1st St., Napa

3Sky+Vine Rooftop Bar = Lobster Corn Dogs

You had me at “Lobster Corn Dogs!”

OK, secondly it’s worth a visit for the view alone. But while you’re there you might as well indulge in the most decadent version of American County Fair Fare around. Imagine, if you will, lump lobster meat mixed with shrimp and poached to form a “lobster sausage” that is then put on a stick, dipped in corn bread batter and deep fried to golden perfection. Served stick and all with a whole grain mustard sauce, midway style. The result is over-the-top fun that goes with most any cocktail and the stellar sunset.

Sky & Vine Rooftop Bar • 1260 1st St., Napa

Sky + Vine: Lobster Corn Dogs with rain Mustard Dipping Sauce

Wasabi Deviled Eggs with Pickled Onion & Bacon @ Torc

4Torc = Wasabi Deviled Eggs

Torc is a favorite for its eclectic and inventive menu, combining flavors you wouldn’t normally think to go together. And pulling it off with great finesse. Blending a little wasabi into the yolks and adding minced bacon bits literally makes this “green eggs & ham”. It also makes them pretty flipping stellar! The wasabi adds a briskness to the dish without overpowering. The addition of the pickled red onion adds the right tang to break the richness. I dare you to eat only one.

Torc • 1140 Main St., Napa

5Carpe Diem = Seize the Quack & Cheese

Carpe Diem lives up to its name daily by presenting plates that excite and indulge. Their Quack & Cheese is the epitome of that. Combining duck confit with three or so creamy cheeses, and topped with crispy bread crumbs, it is an event! Add a side of their Wild Boar Salami or Venison Carpaccio to take it over the top.

Carpe Diem Wine Bar • 1001 2nd St., Napa

And now for the finish!

6Eiko’s = Nitro Ice Cream Pops

We cap off our Appetizer Crawl with a dessert that  IS  the show. Eiko’s Nitro Ice Cream Pops are created table-side and are a site! Liquid Nitrogen is poured into a big bowl. Then starting with a small ball of cake on each stick, the pops are created before your eyes, by ceremoniously dipping the pops into bowls of vanilla, strawberry and chocolate ice cream base, then plunging into the liquid nitro where they are instantly frozen to -50º F. The process is repeated over and over until the pops are Jawbreaker size. Extremely tasty and enhanced by the anticipation for sure.

Eiko’s Sushi • 1300 1st St., Napa

This is by no means a definitive list. This is more of a suggested starting point. There are so many options, an exhaustive list would keep you busy for weeks. And very full. And all these tastes are mere blocks away from us at the Beazley House. We suggest you get here and start your research right away!