Le Petit Chef – On the Trail of Marco Polo

April. 21, 2019 | by Daryl Burch

A 3D Dining Experience at CIA Copia

Beazley House - Dinner Time Stories at CIA Copia

The CIA at Copia recently launched a new, immersive 3D dining experience that is not to be missed! In two hours, you are transported around the world following Marco Polo’s “Silk Road”  journey. Starting in Marseille, you’ll make five more stops along the road to be enveloped by the sites, sounds and flavors of each region. You are presented each course, wrapped tastefully in packaging indicative of the each scene, and guided through the flavors of each dish deftly prepared by CIA chefs. 

Developed by Belgian-based arts collective, Skullmapping, and using projection technologies developed by TableMation, your experience is a combination of lighting, animation, surround sound, and culinary wizardry to turn your dining experience into theater.

Le Petit Chef is your guide on this culinary adventure. He introduces himself by popping up on a storybook before you. Chef sets the stage for your journey by introducing you to some of his favorite flavors of his home, Marseille.

Off to Marseille

Your journey begins at Marco’s home city of  Marseille, France. include Duck Liver Mousse & Apple Butter on Brioche and Tuna Niçoise Tart. These delicate petit fors are delivered in mini briefcases. They get you in the mood for the adventure that awaits. 

 See you in Tangiers!

Le Petit Chef fashions himself a paper boat and heads off across the seas in search of the flavors of Morocco. Through the immersive projection you feel you are among the high seas. After chef washes ashore, he discovers the flavors of the markets in Morocco. You are presented a platter of Spiced Labneh, a Vegetable Tagine, Lemon Couscous, dates, candied pistachios, Naan, Falafel and Raita. Wisps of cardamom, cumin, corriander, cinnamon and cayenne dance on your palette.

A Quick Stop in India

Chef is then told of other exciting flavors he must try by a larger than life sparrow. Hesitantly he climbs aboard the sparrow and flies across the dessert to India. Here Chef is introduced to the velvety, sweet and slightly salty Coconut Curried Shrimp served on a bed of vegetable noodles. The noodles are spiral cut zucchini, carrot and parsnip, par-boiled and tossed in the curry — a delightful approach to what can be a heavy dish.

Soaring the Himalayas

 The sparrow has more in store for our Chef. So he scoops him up and flies him high across Mt. Everest to Kathmandu. Here your palette is cleansed by a fresh citrus sorbet served on flash-frozen yogurt. I won’t share how it is flash-frozen, but it was the interactive peak of the whole experience. Trust me! You will giggle with amazement, as we did.

Celebrating China

Arriving to the street celebrations of Shanghai, your main course of Duck Two Ways is presented in a wash of red and gold lighting with Chinese Wishlanterns slowly lifting off all around you. The duck itself is worth the rave in that you are presented roast breast with 5-spice and extra ginger; and thigh braised in red bean paste. Presented on a bed of Maitake Mushrooms and willed Mustard Greens with Garlic and Chilis — the whole package is over the top!


The complete your experience, you are brought back to Chef’s home and presented a dessert incorporating spices found along the journey. Vanilla Crème Brûlée with a Cardamom Twist is the perfect capper, settling your palette after a 2-hour trek around the world.

The Bottom Line: Get Your Ticket!

This immersive adventure is gives you a perfect marriage of fine dining and interactive theater. It is an experience you’ll treasure for a long time.

At $140 per person, it is not much more than you’d spend on a dinner of similar caliber downtown without the added sensory experiences. There is a also an option Wine Pairing available for $50 that further enhances your journey. 

I’d say, for a special occasion, a milestone anniversary or birthday, you should absolutely treat yourself to this unique adventure. There are only a couple other dining adventures I’ve experience that come close to how completely entertained this experience is. And it’s right down the street from The Beazley House

Call your innkeepers to get reservations for your stay and get here soon!