We Get a Breather in January…Or Not

Jan. 2, 2017 | by Jim Beazley

January tends to be the month that we get to slow down a bit, catch our breath, review our past year, and watch the hills burst forth with grass so green it almost hurts your eyes to look. And this remains true except for the rains…much of California has been experiencing a drought for the last four years which has been wiped out by all the rain that’s recently poured from the sky. We’ve been fortunate in that the Beazley House has remained dry, something we are very thankful for.

Beazley's Gardens - Lemons in January

But certainly don’t let the rain deter you from visiting Napa Valley this winter, it’s a lovely time to visit. The roads and tasting rooms are quiet, it’s quite simple to get a dinner reservation and the valley itself is alive in all it’s glory – and those who love individualized attention, and who doesn’t?, often get it without paying for private tours. And then there are the emerald green hills as far as the eye can see and the bright golden mustard has already started blooming. It is absolute perfection.

There is no shortage of adventures one can experience during the winter. The Culinary Institute of America (CIA) has officially opened The Restaurant at CIA Copia for dinner. You’ll find what they describe as global flavors made with fresh ingredients with a selection of wine, beer and craft cocktails to enhance your dining experience. The menu changes frequently and reservations are limited, your Beazley House Innkeeper will be happy to make a reservation for you.

Beazley's Gardens - Elephant Ear in Spring

La Toque is now serving its 35th annual all black truffle menu and will continue nightly until February 7th. You’ll find new dishes and a revisit of the old favorites. And, after February 7th you may request a special menu of Truffles as long as they’re available. Silverado Cooking School is holding a number of classes sure to interest food lovers. Every hands-on class utilizes some local ingredients, most from its Stone Tree Farm. Silverado Cooking School says, “Think of what we do at the Silverado Cooking School as less of a “cooking class” and more of a culinary experience…” Your class will be taught by professionally trained chefs and will include seasonal produce from their farm along with the best ingredients. Review their class schedule for Farm-To-Table Dinner, Soups of the World, or Couples’ Dinner – Date Night classes.

There’s plenty of entertainment to be seen in Napa as well. Silos Napa is located on Main Street in downtown Napa. Besides live entertainment, you’ll enjoy jazz, acoustic, rock, soul and others. To go along with your evening out you’ll relish in tasty small plates, cocktails, craft beers and wine.

At Blue Note Napa you’ll get the jazz club experience along with the historic Napa Valley Opera House architecture. The serve gourmet farm to table cuisine along with local wines. Check out their event calendar to reserve tickets.

Uptown Theatre is a must see hot spot during your visit. You’ll see live entertainment in this restored art-deco 1937 theatre. You’ll get an intimate experience with the biggest names in blues, rock, jazz, folk, country and comedy. Artists you may enjoy are Rick Astley in January, Jake Chimabukuro in February and The Beach Boys in March.

Beazley's Garden - Roses

The above adventures are just a drop in the bucket of what you can experience in the Napa Valley this winter. And, we heard Napa had record visitors in 2016 so we think it’s best to get here before the crowds!