Why August Starts High Season In The Napa Valley

Aug. 1, 2016 | by Jim Beazley

For 35 summers at the Beazley House August has marked the beginning of “High Season.” Here are the reasons behind this phenomenon:

It’s the start of the grape harvest

The grape varieties used to make Napa Valley sparkling wine: pinot noir and chardonnay are the first to be harvested each year. This year they even ripened earlier and Mumm Napa Valley began their harvest in the last week of July! According to an article in the Napa Valley Register, “Thirty people harvested 20.4 tons of pinot meunier grapes at first light Thursday to kick off the 2016 harvest in the Napa Valley. After the grapes were picked, they were transported to Mumm Napa.“ And this is just the beginning. Soon all of the wineries making sparkling wine will be harvesting and then there will be no rest for the next three months for Napa’s winemakers, their vineyard workers and the cellar masters who will work from dawn (harvest time) to well into the night. Wine aficionados and first time visitors alike will witness this excitement as they visit the wineries.

August also starts the busiest travel time of the year

With their children starting school, many parents use their newly found “free time” to begin their traveling. Seasoned travelers know the best weather of the year begins with August and extends through September, October and November. The Napa Valley is no exception. Our days are long with warm afternoons melting into cool evenings and crisp mornings. The excitement of the harvest is extended as each grape variety ripens according to Mother Nature’s ancient rhythms.

Isn’t the Beazley House Sold Out Already?

While weekends are traditionally busy, using our RESERVATIONS link you’ll instantly be able to see the rooms we have available in real time and can make your reservation when you’re ready. A note of caution, you won’t want to procrastinate, as guests all over the world can book instantly 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Remember August is HIGH season!