Beazley’s View

With over 400 wineries in our tiny little corner of the wine world that is the Napa Valley, how do you know or decide which ones to see? If you visited the average of 4 per day, it’d take you well over a year to hit them all! Our innkeepers know how to pair you up with wineries that match your tastes, as well as a few hidden gems you’ve never heard of.

At Robert Biale Vineyards this is so much more than just a Black Chicken. He is a legend.

When the founder’s son, Aldo Biale, was running his family’s Napa Valley farm in 1942 he and his mama sold mostly vegetables, walnuts and eggs. But they also had “heritage vineyards of Zinfandel” and made what became a very popular wine.

Since the Biale’s phone was on a “party line” and because wine production then, as now was highly regulated, Aldo cleverly…

Beazley House Guests around the fireplace at Christmas

We measure our four seasons in Napa very differently than yours. Winter lasts mere weeks. Spring several months. Summer a few months, and autumn, a blend of spring and summer lasts three months minimum…sometimes four.

When we try to explain to guests unfamiliar with Napa’s version of winter that our afternoons are warm and sunny and that fruit trees begin blooming at the end of January they frankly don’t believe us!

As I write this in mid-December we are less than a week from the “Winter Solstice,” this year on Thursday, December 21. This is when…

Napa Valley is Open for Business

It honestly feels like the wildfires that affected our area was ages, not just months ago – time seems to fly. We’re thrilled to see the hills affected in the Napa Valley are bursting forth green, lush and gorgeous. The town of Napa didn’t lose a single building and is bustling with activity of the holidays. The Napa Valley floor and its hundreds of wineries were untouched and open for business! The vineyards and wineries are as beautiful as ever now.

We had so much to be thankful for this “Thanksgiving.” While we know friends who lost so much, we were able to help. When possible we provided rooms for those who lost their homes. We also hosted 106 room nights for our PG&E linemen and admin staff.

It all began when we hosted our first “guest dog, Molly”. She was the beloved pet of guests who had stayed with us year after year as they returned to see a favorite grandmother. Gretchen and Steve began rescuing retired Greyhounds, so we hosted them too. After all, they came twice a year to visit Grandma, they were like our family too.

Years later we added Sissy and Tummy, our Golden Retrievers, to our Beazley family.

Jim & Carol Beazley - Napa's first innkeepers

On June 1, 1981 – 36 years ago – Carol and I and our family became Napa’s first INNKEEPERS. In fact, we’ve been Innkeeping for over half of our lives!

From this prospective we’ve seen a LOT of change. Parents have died. Children grew up, got married and Grandchildren were born.

But these things have remained: The Beazley House welcomes everyone to a place where memories are made and promises kept.

No Service

Travel is a stern teacher. She will rap your knuckles if you forget her hard learned lessons.

Lesson #1: Map out your travel plans.

Tenaya Lodge – Yosemite
On a road trip out of your urban environment it is not unusual for our Google Map God to stop speaking. It may seem a relief after seemingly incessant instructions and reminders of our mortal limitations with the phrase: “Re-calculating.” But on a recent business trip to the Tenaya Lodge in the Sierras we RE-learned a hard lesson about our “Google dependence.”

Mustard in the Vines

California, the SUNSHINE state has been in the news lately. You might have heard.

Record rainfall has swollen the lake behind the tallest dam in the country so full that it caused officials to evacuate whole towns downstream from Oroville on the Feather River. Now Oroville is 126 miles north of us, so we were never threatened, but we’ve had our share of rain.

Napa has received 25 inches, a full 90 percent of its normal ANNUAL rainfall by mid- February! So, oh yeah, the drought is over!

When you stay at the Beazley House we will be happy to recommend a dining experience that you are salivating for. Lest you think the restaurants above are all of the favorites we recommend please know Napa has 35 restaurants to which we send our guests confidently.

Festival of Lights - Yountville

This is December in Napa: Beautiful fall colors still linger on the trees and the Beazley House gardens continue to be blooming beautiful! While Jack Frost threatens to end our flowers for this year, he has waited until perhaps New Year’s Eve! Christmas decorations are up, crowds are gone, and of course within walking distance are 26 wine tasting rooms, world-class restaurants and the Oxbow public market! Now CIA at the Oxbow public market has just opened too. There’s a lot to explore.

Beazley House: October in Carneros

It could be the crisp mornings framing warm afternoons with cold, clear nights. Or the intoxicating aroma of fermenting fruit throughout the valley as the last grapes migrate from field to winery.