“On the Trail of Marco Polo” – A 3D Culinary Experience in 6 courses at CIA Copia – not to be missed!

Many visitors may feel intimidated with the abundance of wine-focus in the Napa Valley. Some folks simply aren’t wine drinkers. So for those with other tastes, we’ll highlight a couple of our favorite beer haunts. While all these places are “all about the beer,” they do a pretty bang-up job with their food, too…

Whether celebrating a milestone event like an anniversary or a big birthday, or you just landed that big contract you’ve been working on for too long – or it’s just Thursday – sometimes you just need a good steak. Here are a few of our favorites!

Explore 5 of our favorite after dark downtown tasting experiences.

Can’t Decide on THEE Right Place for Dinner? Try ‘em all! Take the Beazley House “Appetizer Crawl” and experience as many Napa Downtown restaurants as you can handle.