California, the SUNSHINE state has been in the news lately. You might have heard.

Record rainfall has swollen the lake behind the tallest dam in the country so full that it caused officials to evacuate whole towns downstream from Oroville on the Feather River. Now Oroville is 126 miles north of us, so we were never threatened, but we’ve had our share of rain.

Napa has received 25 inches, a full 90 percent of its normal ANNUAL rainfall by mid- February! So, oh yeah, the drought is over!

When you stay at the Beazley House we will be happy to recommend a dining experience that you are salivating for. Lest you think the restaurants above are all of the favorites we recommend please know Napa has 35 restaurants to which we send our guests confidently.

This is December in Napa: Beautiful fall colors still linger on the trees and the Beazley House gardens continue to be blooming beautiful! While Jack Frost threatens to end our flowers for this year, he has waited until perhaps New Year’s Eve! Christmas decorations are up, crowds are gone, and of course within walking distance are 26 wine tasting rooms, world-class restaurants and the Oxbow public market! Now CIA at the Oxbow public market has just opened too. There’s a lot to explore.

It could be the crisp mornings framing warm afternoons with cold, clear nights. Or the intoxicating aroma of fermenting fruit throughout the valley as the last grapes migrate from field to winery.

For 35 summers at the Beazley House August has marked the beginning of “High Season.” Here are the reasons behind this phenomenon…