It could be the crisp mornings framing warm afternoons with cold, clear nights. Or the intoxicating aroma of fermenting fruit throughout the valley as the last grapes migrate from field to winery.

For 35 summers at the Beazley House August has marked the beginning of “High Season.” Here are the reasons behind this phenomenon…

When navigating the Napa Valley there’s a RIGHT road and a slow road.

The Silverado Trail is literally the right hand road when heading North from Napa up into the Napa Valley. It also happens to be the “road less traveled” and therefore the “RIGHT” road to take when going up and down this world famous wine country.

Some people think that “‘Doers’ DO” while Dreamers just dream.

We’ve learned over the last 35 years that you can’t DO if you don’t DREAM.

I’m writing this on December Eve..that’s right, November 30th.

In the past I looked forward to “The Holidays” about as much as Scrooge.

This year will be different. I’m getting an early start. The family was fully involved in Napa’s Christmas Parade two days after Thanksgiving. Pheenix drove our decorated PT Cruiser as Spencer tossed out candy. (That lasted about 1 block!) Sidney manned the ’47 Packard, daughter Brooke accompanied Carol and me walking the Historic Inns of Napa banner. And Daryl took pictures.

They say you can see a New England Fall from outer space. But if you come to the Napa Valley in November you won’t have to go that far. And with temperatures in the upper 60s it’s downright balmy by comparison.

Early rains in October and the first Sunday of November have greened up our hills, turning California gold into Irish green. But the real show is in Napa’s vineyards.Whether they’re on hillsides or the valley’s floor the vineyards are a rich tapestry of yellows, oranges and reds.