What do you get when you add a particularly wet Spring to the coolest Summer in memory?

One of the latest Napa Valley Grape Harvests in history.

But our Autumn has started EARLY! The Grapes may not be turning, but the leaves sure are.

Mother Nature sure has a sense of humor, doesn’t she?

Ever notice how “WE the people” know stuff long before the news media?

Take Napa’s renaissance for example. Our Beazley House guests have certainly noticed the many changes to our little town over the last couple of years. New wine tasting rooms have blossomed, new restaurants have popped open and new entertainment venues have thrilled audiences after years of darkened stages.

We’ve been saying it for years, now: the town of Napa has finally joined the rest of the Napa Valley as a world class destination. Now the New York Times and the San Francisco Chronicle are saying it too!